Centenarul naşterii doctorului Carol Davila


Date 1928
Metal bronze
Shape round
Weight 245 g
Dimensions 80 mm
Medallist A. Lavrillier
Rarity scarce


Obverse: circular legend : Generalul Doctor Carol Davila

Reverse: circular legend : 1828 Centenarul Davila 1928 exergue: Stiinta Si Umanitate / 1870-1877

Born in Italy, Carol Davila (or Charles d’Avila) was educated in France where he became physician in 1853. The same year, he moved to Bucharest to teach chemistry and biology. He was then appointed Professor of Medicine, followed a military career and became general. He reorganized the army health system and created in 1869 the Bucharest School of Medicine. He also organized the pharmaceutical and veterinarian studies at the Bucharest University and created the botanical garden. He was decorated by numerous countries for saving thousands of lives during the various conflicts Romania was involved in at the end of the 19th century.