Ignacy Lukasiewicz (1822-1882)

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Date  1973
Metal bronze
Shape round
Rarity  unknown
Ignacy Łukasiewicz was born on 8 March 1822 in Zaduszniki in the Austrian Empire. In 1848, he was employed in a pharmacy in Lviv and was allowed to continue pharmaceutical studies at the University of Krakow. Finally, he graduated from the pharmacy department of the University of Vienna in 1852. When he came back to Gallicia, he got interested in oil. He was the first person in the world to distill oil and exploit it for lightning. In 1856, he opened an oil distillery, the first oil refinery in the world. He invented the kerosene lamp. Ignacy Łukasiewicz was also a prominent philantropist and financed help for poors and refugees.